Solar Canvassing Economics

audited financials for the past several years…

2015 revenue- $1.4m
earnings- $910K
contracts on table – $10.4 m
we are currently generating 100 leads a week, $200 a lead
$20K a week
Just signed an agreement for 1000 leads a week that i am scrambling to fulfill …and the company actually wants unlimited ( as many as we can produce)
It costs us $25 to produce the lead….that we sell for $200
Solar Lead Generation
 BIG-BIG-BIG Business..Especially when you can spit out technology and apps…we have a backlog of 12 different proprietary pieces of software that we can put out into the public realm…Also, have some big funders that would look into picking us up like Black Coral Capital if we had some structure and collateral..
We only own a small call center— we operate very lean. our solar canvassers for our Solar Canvassing Division is a business opportunity..its self-sufficient and profitable. We are about to announce a partnership with an online affiliate marketing company that can produce unlimited amounts of leads…for a fraction of the price it is costing us to produce them..So, more profit.
Investors love units—they can measure profitability and revenues with units—our unit is considered a lead…and a lead for solar is a very big business. ( powered by google)

and earnings, and backlog, does the venture have? We need to see some facts and hard numbers.

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Solar Canvassing Form
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