solar energy educational advocacy and solar lead generation company

We are a solar energy educational advocacy and solar lead generation company. Since 2005 we have been in the market educating home and business owners on the many benefits of alternative energy solutions such as solar, geothermal and wind energy. As a Solar Canvassing Director, you help build a team and help build the franchise business model.

We are looking for individuals that want to make a lot of money and work their own business. We are in the stages of taking our company public and have several big investors and proprietary software on our side. This is a HUGE opportunity for someone who is extremely positive and ambitious.

Our mission is to educate homeowners on the benefits of solar and educate on local government incentives. We also help steer the homeowner away from horrible solar companies and sales reps. California alone has over 500 solar companies and most are not regulated.

You will be responsible for setting up local events and recruiting street teams throughout CA. (local events, community outreach partnerships meetings and door to door canvassing)

As a Director, you will make $7500 within 30 days after a 2-day training session. No bull. You do not get paid if someone goes solar.

You are not selling a product.

We are an educational based company. We believe that education is the barrier to home solar adoption nationwide. With our background in consulting providing insights into the clean energy market.

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Stop Buying Solar Leads and Start Producing Your Own
Solar Canvassing Lead Generation in 2016
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